We sat down with Executive Director, Nick Fryer to learn a bit more about Jazz and Roots Cincinnati!

Tell us about Jazz and Roots Cincinnati…
Jazz and Roots Cincinnati is dedicated to presenting and promoting live music, creating high level educational opportunities and providing community outreach through the celebration and appreciation of American Jazz and Roots music.

What prompted you to start this organization?
I started Jazz and Roots Cincinnati because I wanted to create opportunities for our community to engage in music on a deeper level. I want to use the power of music to convene people and create community. I want to educate people about the rich history of American Jazz and Roots music, the cultures in which the music came from and the context in which it developed.

What are some upcoming events you would like to share?
Our next event is Mon Nov 9th. We are presenting Pete McCann, a guitarist from NYC. He is doing a workshop and a concert. It will take place at The Greenwich. Visit for more info

What is next for Jazz and Roots Cincinnati?
Over the next year Jazz and Roots is going to be presenting workshops and concerts and slowly building a record of success through these offerings. We are currently partnering with new venues and community organizations to promote new venues and neighborhoods. Jazz and Roots strives to be a catalyst and convening force through the creation of partnerships between various community organizations. We endeavor to help strengthen the efforts of community organizations and business by building new audiences and convening the community through the celebration of music and education. In addition to partnership building, our long terms goals are to find a permanent space so we can expand our educational offerings in terms of private lessons and ensembles. We will also be going for grants and looking for private and corporate sponsorship in order to fund all of our goals.